Sports Facilities


Cricket - The school has a net practice cricket ground, with qualified trainers. Our sports trainers have produced many great players in their career and we hope to produce the same in the future.

Football - The school has a football ground and can be argued to be one of the best.

Table Tennis - Students love playing table tennis as a competitive sport and to ensure their success the school has built a table tennis arena with tables in school campus as well as in hostel.

Swimming - The school has two swimming pools, one is a half OLYMPIC size which ranges from 4.5 to 6 feet deep and the other for kids with a range of 2.5 feet . We believe that swimming can help save a life someday therefore it is important for every child to learn swimming.

Basketball - The school has an outdoor basketball court, which enables the student to perform constantly.

Badminton - The school has 4 badminton courts in the sports complex.

Volley ball - The school has 2 international standards volley ball courts.

Skating – The school coaches the children for skating to improve strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Other sports - The school has facilities and regular classes for boxing, athletics and aerobics.