BLE International Collaboration

School Students upbringing to global citizen.

BLE is an international council providing its Associates with a development chance. The Associates comprise international schools, individuals engaged in International education and (international) educational organizations. BLE engages itself in knowledge enhancement on global citizenship.

BLE thrives to reach its goal through acquiring, creating, developing, managing, accrediting, inspecting, lending and licensing knowledge on global education and global citizenship.

BLE’s mission is to provide access to globally recognized, proven innovative and locally customized knowledge products and services. The key means to reach global citizenship is training and education.

BLE is a global citizenship awareness and enhancement body with a commitment to international education to reach this awareness and enhancement.

BLE provides its services to elementary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and individuals with a focus on international education. All these have the following character treats in common:

The desire to enhance knowledge, to foster skills and enable abilities to pursue one’s life as global citizens; and a commitment to quality standards in education To achieve this goal, our member schools will include international and intercultural awareness into their curriculum. Thus a positive attitude and understanding of being a global citizen will nurture within the student body. This attitude and understanding will be the base for further studies and career perspectives. Elementary and secondary school members must commit their yearly educational cycle to a periodical ( re-) accreditation process to safeguard the student upbringing to global citizen.

With St. Joseph’s International School, Hisar India

St. Joseph’s International School—an institution with an eye for global citizenship and all that it entails, consider joining BLE. School adapts BLE programme of evaluation developed to benchmark international school against quality international practices and achieve top levels of performance

BLE Professional development

Professionals/Teachers/ Educators must understand the concepts in processing professional development and what it means to education. BLE created standards that all professional development should follow.

The standards include content knowledge and quality teaching, research-basis, collaboration. For more details please logon :-